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Forum Post: A Call for the Immediate Arrest of any CEO violating Covid Protocols

Posted 2 years ago on March 28, 2020, 9:11 p.m. EST by elf3 (4203)
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This is criminal.

As CEOs like Jeff Bezos and others violate instituted protocols for reporting sick employees and fail to follow the laws that were implemented to protect the public by either covering it up and gaslighting employees or by covertly threatening employees with their jobs or by knowingly withholding information from health officials and employees - we must implement quick and immediate punishment for putting the public and workers at risk of spread of a deadly infection and hold them accountable for the fall out. As the public sacrifices in solidarity to prevent the spread - when a CEO callously and selfishly violates the law - our government and officials and law enforcement must take swift and immediate action to hold these PERSONS accountable for their gross and egregious endangerment to our society and callous disregard of human life and the welfare of our nation.

How can one mans profits rise above the lives of many so that law enforcement may turn their cheek to the witnesses reporting these violations?

When a CEO knowingly allows a deadly virus to spread throughout their facilities and fails to report or coerces employees into fear and to show up ill and work sick and afraid under duress of homelessness - this is no less than terrorism and blackmail - which also threatens the welfare of the larger population. Amazon employees and others are reporting these instances in droves - why is law enforcement failing to act? Is Jeff Bezos above our system of law and if so what does this mean when out of wealth and status one can endanger lives of so many simply due to their status and wealth and their desire to profit even higher? Are they above our laws and system of governance? Do they deserve personal accountability for their decisions to endanger the workers as well as the general public on such a massive scale?

The precedent says no - see New England Compounding Centers.



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[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 2 years ago

Jay Carney - Amazon spokesman in his calm patronizing tone - "LOOK" - (we are doing everything the government is letting us get away with during this time - we are hiring, we're paying employees 2 whole dollars more than minimum wage, we are all working as a TEAM) "LOOK" we are making sure our facilities are safe (gaslight / lie/ gaslight/ lie) - they have the option to go home unpaid and lose their apartments and houses that is their CHOICE and we encourage them to make whatever CHOICE they feel comfortable making" - as he fucking talks to CNN from his home laptop camera.

Lying scum. You put your kid or your parent on that line and then you tell me they are safe, you work there and then go home to your toddler or elderly parent - how about you get out there yourself you coward. How about Amazon institutes an actual essential policy on goods allowed at this time? Are you willing to die for some zappos Jay? Are you willing to risk exposure for some zappos for your child? Would you tell your son or daughter to "get to work and risk their lives?" Who gets to decide - whose lives are disposable - you? Who made you God Jay Carney. Who bought your soul? How many houses do you own? How many stock shares have you been given? (Unlike your workers). This company needs to be disbanded and torn apart. If we need actual essential goods delivered - we have a national guard with proper equipment who be sure won't be delivering the frivolous crap Amazon has decided is essential to white collar lives.

Blue Collar Lives Matter!!! You are all in it as a TEAM - WHY aren't the executives out there on the FRONT LINES?? PItching in to their own BILLION(S) of Dollars profit company - as a you know TEAM. You don't own the lives of employees - they do not belong to you simply because you have been allowed to do business in America. This country and therefore your "essential" company can be taken for the people and by the people or disbanded if we so choose. I stand with workers. You can't even stand on the same line as them to do your part as you risk their lives for profits. And any politician who would be unwilling to put their child or parent on that same line or stand on it themselves - has no right to make this decision to sacrifice other people's family members. Who gets to decide whose lives are disposable in the name of profit. How much tax does Amazon actually pay in this nation as opposed to offshoring headquarters and getting every write-off under the sun?

Just like true heros of this pandemic will emerge (mostly among medical staff doctors and nurses working in the long stripped down for profit greed driven hospital industry trying to do their best in a system that fights them in trying to put human beings first) - so too will emerge the profiteers and thieving lying greedy scum.

Including among our politicians who have decided to enable the ABUSE of our citizenry by the greed mongering corporation which feeds and lines their own pockets. THE WORKER ABUSE CYCLE MUST END IF NOT NOW THEN WHEN??!!!!

If the MARKET IS SO FAIR - then allowing employees the option of unemployment - would determine the worth of the job. IF the market was fair then AMAZON and others would have to compete with the choice of layoff wages. They would have to dig a little deeper into their gold lined pockets and pay hazard pay and life insurance and pensions and benefits to family. Is it worth the risk? Well let's give employees an actual choice - and let the FAIR market decide then.


The world's richest man - grinds his employees into covid dust proving once and for all trickle down is another word for wage slavery. YOU WORK, YOU DIE, BILLIONAIRES THRIVE!!!!!

UNION NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 2 years ago

If politicians would simply freeze loans then restaurants could pause business BUT staying open to deliver food is insane. Do you really want sick employees preparing your food and risking infection that way? Our politicians are going to kill people. They are failing in their leadership role to put human life above profits. We must demand politicians freeze the economy in place. They are signing our death certificates. And encouraging people to get take out to help do your part in the economy is just irresponsible.