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Forum Post: 9 US Kinds of People, political, Artistic, Historical, financial, Investors, Political Supporters, Apeasors, Victims

Posted 9 years ago on Oct. 14, 2012, 6:30 a.m. EST by Middleaged (5140)
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The sell-out in the USA is now a state bird.

The predominant result of prpaganda is that people all want to follow the government lead for us. Hell, it could be that the pressure comes from community not so much as an upper echelon government facilitator.

I think the definition of a sell_out in the 1960-70 was some one who turned his back on his brothers and decided, "hell why not go to university, get a good degree in science-political science-propaganda-advertising-manipulating the consumer-leverageing the uneducated and uninformed-financial management-business mangement, etc.

1) Appeasors dont care about the future of thir kids, they want smooth political doctrine.
2) Victims don't have much choice, they face encroachment of the government on their lives.
3) Your Parents maybe facilitators or complicit in the crimes against political freedom.
4) Innocent participants in the financial system (pensions, retirement funds, school pensions, state pensions).
5) Artist, they tell the story through art.
6) People that follow arts and history.
7) Activists, those that follow principals to other countries and to protests through out the world.
8) Investors.
9) Financial Rip Off Artist, people that sell Financial Schemes.

The folly is that Investors, business people, and many parents support the way that things ARE in there perverted forms. eventhough these same investors and buiness people will be hurt by future financial crisis. And future political flips and flops are going dispute these assumptions... the Obvious Question is why US Entreprenuers and Business people don't Correct the Fraud, Immorality, Ethics, and cut-throat business practices, to keep their own future and families safe.???

Actually there are many political schools of thought which I have not represented here. I have left a lot of room for smart guys/gals to add to this document.

Who will add European Philosophy?



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