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Recurring Global Actions Called for 22nd of Every Month, Beginning #O22

Posted 3 years ago on Oct. 1, 2012, 10:29 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
Tags: global solidarity, via22, o22


VIA22, an open collective created in Montreal-Quebec, is sending a call to create a monthly process of global actions, the 22nd of each month, starting on October 22nd.

The idea is to collectively express the need that our marches and demonstrations become spaces for sharing knowledge about alternatives, and raise collective consciousness. We want to support and connect initiatives around the world and contribute to the dialogue between global and local. Strength comes from creativity and unity!

People from Mexico, Spain, Mozambique, Senegal, Belarus, Croatia, England, Japan, Greece, El Salvador and Chile are already in contact with us, but we need to spread the word widely!

We are looking for people around the world that could be interested in being part of the collective coordination of VIA22Global, and people that would like to help building the web site.

Here is the link to our temporary site: www.via22.org

Hoping to hear from you, we send our support and solidarity!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VIA22GLOBAL
Twitter: @VIA22GLOBAL #VIA22



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[-] 2 points by DemandTheGoodLifeDotCom (3213) from New York, NY 3 years ago

"The idea is to collectively express the need that our marches and demonstrations become spaces for sharing knowledge about alternatives...Strength comes from creativity and unity"

Strength comes from unity.

But unity does not come from meeting every month in a "space for sharing knowledge about alternatives." Unity comes from collectively deciding on what that alternative is.

And strength then comes from bringing that unity to government so that the alternative you decided on in unity can be implemented.

Continuing to meet in the streets is not going to change anything.

While OWS is meeting in the streets, the tea party is meeting with government and implementing the exact opposite of what OWS wants.

[-] 3 points by Gillian (1842) 3 years ago

I agree. These gatherings only serve members of the choir. We can all sit around the shit-pit complaining, banging pots, and dreaming of alternatives but until someone is willing to address Congress on their turf, nothing is going to change. Legislators are not hanging out on OWS forum waiting for us to tell them what to do.

[-] 3 points by DemandTheGoodLifeDotCom (3213) from New York, NY 3 years ago

Do you know who controls this website?

For all intents and purposes, whoever has control over this website has control over the entire movement since this is where everyone gets their information about OWS.

If they gave me control over the website, OWS would start to get organized and productive.

[-] 2 points by Gillian (1842) 2 years ago

I don't think you need to be the king of OWS to organize these folks. In all fairness, I'm not one of the activists this time, so I don't know what is stopping them from elevating their activism to a higher more assertive level. Maybe they are afraid, maybe they are out there for the wrong ( personal) reasons. I thought that OWS should be much more assertive during the months prior to election. I just heard on NPR that my area is celebrating their one year anniversary with a rock concert. Am I supposed to feel good about that and hopeful that progress is being made?

[-] 2 points by DemandTheGoodLifeDotCom (3213) from New York, NY 2 years ago

OWS has blown a pretty unique opportunity to change society for the better.

[-] 1 points by soxin8 (9) from Rocky Hill, CT 3 years ago

Keeping pressure on government for financial fairness is a good thing, Does anyone at OWS also support constitutional rights? My story is at "New police weapon against homeless" and "Historic coverup of FBI and police crimes currently taking place". Bill Anderson soxin8@hotmail.com Masters degree Harding University 1993



[-] 0 points by JackTG (-194) 3 years ago

There's a user on this forum who can build a website in one hour. His name is richardkentgates.