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The New IRS is a very obvious fix of Representative Democracy. (#SecondGov)

Posted 1 year ago on April 14, 2014, 7:20 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
Tags: #Imagine, #SecondGov, #TheNewIRS

Dear Occupy Wall Street,

I'm writing you because I'm hoping you might find this funny, stimulating, obvious, and mostly important.

Some friends and I have built The New IRS. Yes, that IRS. We have been hard at work developing a simulation for a very obvious fix of Representative Democracy:

The ability for each of us to be able to allocate where our tax money goes on our federal income tax forms.

It is a fun and yet profound simulation of a far more complete power to the people. There is nothing partisan about this.

Through very simple participation, we are collecting NATIONAL DATA to be released a few days after TUESDAY - TAX DAY - to reveal any disparities between the will of the people and the actual federal expenditures.

It would mean so very much to me if you would venture to the site and fill it out TODAY or TOMORROW - TAX DAY. (And I promise it is very no-hassle to use).

Even further, if you would care to tweet it or share it through any form of social media, it would be of tremendous help to a very worthy and outrageously obvious cause.

Here are the links:





#thenewirs #imagine

Long live living, breathing things

Much Love,

Alex Ebert

PS - Feel free to share this email with whomever.



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[-] 1 points by kmc239 (1) 1 year ago

@ZenDog sorry you ran into a few issues with reaching 100% using the sliders. We've identified a problem that quite a few have run into, including yourself. Hopeful to have push an update with a fix soon.

Note that you don't have to allocate any funds to net interest. The category is on the 2013 federal tax receipt via whitehouse.gov, which it why it's included in the categories.