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Forum Post: the King of Saudi Arabia.add.George Bush.add.New Zealand.add.Corrupt U.S. Military ops..add. the CIA...

Posted 10 months ago on Aug. 4, 2014, 6:15 p.m. EST by jamespeterevanhoe (5)
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Plus..... Interests of those in England and Israel.......!

Subject: Creating a Deliberate Society of Chaos in America.....that benefits others but not the American People!

On US National television about 4 months ago The Head of Saudi Oil ....all aspects....Stated publicly this "they...meaning Saudi Arabia would do what it would have to do to STOP the growth of Electric Cars, etc. in the USA....that they saw as threat to their ...Saudi Arabia Oil interests.

What else have the Saudis done: 15 of the 19 ..... Terroists on 911 were Saudis...they killed thousands of US Citizens.........Oil Prices went through the roof and the King of Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia made Trillions-and-Trillions over the next......George Bush Wars.....that didn't have anything to do with who brought down the Buildings at the World Trade Center on 911...meaning the Iraq War...! Just Binny and the Jets did......! Bush didn't even get up out of his chair for almost 10 mins. after he learned the Saudi Terrorists were attacking the USA???? But George Bush however allowed Bin Ladens... Binny's parents to leave the USA... by private jet...from an airport in the LA area...as Andrea Mitchell reported on National TV News and showed a video taken through the fence at the airport, of the Bin Ladens being allowed to fly...out of the USA...and No One Else was allowed to fly????? Bush also refused to let the FBI go to Saudi Arabia and interview the relatives of the 15-911 Terrorists. Who Does That?? Another Terrorist!!!.......Now we come to Building #7...at the World Trade Center...where news stations announced the collapse of building #7 before it had even come down???? C-Span finally let an engineer state his beliefs and that of hundreds of other engineers about Thermite being used in bringing down Building #7. The largest supplier of Thermite is New Zealand....both the U.S. Military and the Israelis go to great lengths in obtaining NZ Thermite and keeping it quiet. A review of who had access to Building #7 doesn't take rocket science....nor does testing the Thermite found at the WTC - Building #7 after 911....and see where it came from....Now add...who has benefited from all of this! The U.S. Military, the USA War Machine...with their bombs, drones and never ending BS wars taking the Middle East "No Where"...and Leading Afghanistan in becoming the largest Heroin supplier in the World....with shipments completed ... directly or indirectly by Vertol ..NZ..group..and the U.S. Military, the CIA..as Montgomerie has stated to me.....estimates are an annual revenue stream of illegal cash worth $70billion...money laundering ops by HSBC..Bank...who's owners include the British Royal...family the Windsors....really one of the largest Crime Family after the Bush Crime family. The Bush crime family is very loyal to the Windsors and the Bush family is very loyal to the King of Saudi Arabia and the Bin Ladens...not maybe 100%.....but that pales when compared to how much the U.S. Military and Bush cronies made on both the Iraq War & the Afghan War....which is closing in on $4Trillion...US War Costs.... what a waste....almost totally worthless....both Wars will in the end prove failures. As James Lester Montgomerie the CEO of Vertol...stated to me....in the Summer of 2013 on the way to Ketchum ID. from Boise ID. Montgomerie and I quote him: "the Afghan War will prove to be a Total Failure". Montgomerie is a New Zealand.... See: W. Scott Gould, US Navy...InTel... and NZ contacts.

I was with Michele Mass along the Western side of the Hudson River on 911 watching the action After the Buildings came down.....Never Saw One ....US Military Aircraft...ever!!!!! And where were they??????? The next day on National TV they stated by showing as I recall 5 or 6 Saudis involved with 911 associated with living in and around the San Diego area... At that time...... I was staying on a friend's Cabin Cruiser in the Seaworld boat harbor....when I saw several of the 911 Saudis and after they showed their photos on US National TV ...at Michele Mass house in Wyckoff NJ ...I called the US Navy Air-station on North Island, SD, CA. and gave my name and reported what I had seen. Man was that an ordeal.

More Later........ But .....You Add to this....

The King of Saudi Arabia....George Bush ... the Creators of the Society of Deliberate Chaos (get it?) where by they profit and "We the People of the United States of America...You and I"..... lose everything!

Is it time to Prosecute, Convict and Put to Death those that belong to the Society of Deliberate Chaos???? In my opinion that answer brings back America to its Citizens.... so the answer has to be Yes! Not Maybe 100%

James Peter Evanhoe



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[-] 1 points by MattHolck0 (2940) 10 months ago

the death sentence is illegal

[-] 1 points by Nevada1 (5158) 10 months ago

Thank you James Peter Evanhoe, for this post.