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Forum Post: [DELETED]

Posted 5 years ago on Jan. 5, 2013, 3:43 p.m. EST by anonymous ()
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[-] 2 points by jph (2652) 5 years ago

Stop supporting them!

Don't work for them, don't buy from them, don't pay taxes, that they get from our "representatives" that work for them.

Degrowth, Permaculture, Relocalize, Slow Money, etc.

[-] -2 points by aville (-678) 5 years ago

try not paying your taxes,...the irs will be your new best friends.

[-] 2 points by jph (2652) 5 years ago

LOTS of ways to go about this,. . resurch young padawan!

They are not "my' taxes they are the 1%'s pilfering,. quickest way out of paying taxes it to generate less income,. . things really are simple.

[-] 0 points by aville (-678) 5 years ago

generate less income? no kidding? if you own your own business, thats easy but if you're " on the books" your advice for those that are paid by check or wire tranfer by the company they work for? ask their employers to give them a cut in salary? how would someone not get a w4 from their company which lists everything.

[-] 1 points by jph (2652) 5 years ago

That is one option,. I knew a guy in Detroit that asked for, and got, a reduction in pay to move down a tax bracket,. saved himself thousands,. and the company was so happy to do it, they game him more paid time off to make up the difference,. there is no one-fit solution here, to each his own.

You could ask to have no dedications, and submit a refusal to pay (or just don't submit), on the grounds that the government, is misusing the money. Surprising (or not really so much when you think about it) how un-eager the gov't actually is to go to court to defend involuntary taxation! Look around, there are sites devoted to this., .

I try to stay away from money even,. as it has the inbuilt taxes of the endless interest on the 1%s debt machine,. the pyramid scam that it is. and its use encourages and enables them and the uses they put it to,. wars, bad energy systems, police state build up, etc. I run my own business and sometimes work as a contractor so submit my own taxes,. well I don't actually, as I would get money back I make so little, so I don't bother. Money does not interest me so much,. so this is not a problem for me. There are many ways to get the things we require to live,. money is but one.

We overthrow the elite by ignoring them, and not feeding their vanity, and hatred.

[-] 2 points by quantumystic (1710) from Memphis, TN 5 years ago

Autonomy. That is the key to freedom and liberty. Autonomous builiding techniques and permaculture/aquaponics provide ready access to autonomy. That is how we take out the elite.

[-] 1 points by highlander (-163) 5 years ago

Sure. works for me And grab a big jar of vaseline.

[-] 1 points by KevinPotts (368) 5 years ago

How To Overthrow The Elite...

"The whole concept of The Movement is that our economy and our political system is dominated by greed and corruption. It is about acknowledging that detrimental fact and about wanting it to stop, for the inhumane domination and free reign of greed and corruption to no longer be tolerated. It is about realizing that we are all gears caught up in the functioning of this Machine and that without our obedience and cooperation The Machine could no longer function. Violence will never stop this Machine from running, in fact it would only cause The Machine to tighten its grip and to become even more inhumane. A few thousand people protesting in the streets and a few thousand people boycotting a few of the most monstrous banks and corporations will also not stop The Machine from running. Dividing ourselves and voting against each other as republicans and democrats for corporate-owned-puppet-politicians will not stop The Machine from running either, because that in itself is a huge part of how The Machine functions and maintains its power over us. Divided we remain conquered. Compliant and obedient we keep The Machine up and running full-speed.

The only way to Stop This Inhumane Machine from ruling over our lives is through Unity, through Solidarity, through Organized Cooperation With Each Other and through Organized Non-cooperation and Non-compliance with The Machine. WE DO THAT TOGETHER and The Machine falls apart because it’s the only thing that has ever kept The Machine running to begin with. WE THE PEOPLE, who show up to work every day for greedy employers who refuse to pay us a decent living wage. WE THE PEOPLE, who show up every election to vote for crooked politicians who consistently fail to represent us or to even acknowledge us as human-beings-who-deserve-to-live, who deserve to provide for ourselves without being exploited, who deserve to be treated with dignity, fairness and respect. If only We could understand how easy it could be to win all of that. Stop Cooperating with The Machine and The Machine falls apart. Refuse to be the gears of The Machine that keep it running the way it does and take over the controls. Make the machine Serve Us, instead of us serving The Machine. United We Stand Liberated and Free, divided and compliant to The Machine we remain conquered and subservient to it."

-Kevin Potts



[-] 1 points by KevinPotts (368) 5 years ago

"If the Machine falls apart .. what than ?

Do we really want to destroy the only life we have .. without even a glimpse of a future plan !"

"The Machine" is just a metaphore that represents an inhumane, corrupt system. "The Machine falling apart" is just another way of saying that rich people would no longer be allowed to rule the world. Rich people exploiting us and ruling over our lives is not "the only life we have" by any means LOL The future plan is fairness and decency and social justice, like for example, replacing Capitialism with a Democratic economy and replacing our corrupt fake-democracy with a Real Democracy. -KevinPotts

Forum Post: OWS Goal Should Be To Replace Capitalism With Democracy http://occupywallst.org/forum/ows-goal-should-be-to-replace-capitalism-with-demo/


[-] 3 points by grapes (5157) 5 years ago

Did we as a people exist before or after the creation of the "Machine?" There were ways of doing everything without the "Machine," much like the generation which had grown up with the Internet could never imagine how they could do anything without the Internet. It will not run as smoothly as the "Machine" initially but that is the price of cutting over to a better system. Yes, of course, we want to build up the new system before we tear down the "Machine." That is why people need to prepare for disengagement while building up new system of support. There will always be barriers against change but we can scout out the ridges so we can find the "Khyber" Pass to Shangri-La. We do not seek to overthrow the Elite nor destroy the "Machine" in rage. We seek justice and hopefully a velvety transition to a humane and non-corrupt system. Believing its being possible and acting accordingly are the ways to get there. Without the vision, the people will perish.


[-] 1 points by grapes (5157) 5 years ago

The feeling that one has become a wage slave prevents one from enjoying the life that one has, no matter how materially abundant it is. If instead one becomes convinced that one is earning a livelihood for oneself first, and benefiting the "job creators" only as a side effect, then the psychological burden will not be as onerous. Happiness comes from closing the gap between the current state of being and a better state of being so the striving towards the latter can produce happiness even if one is still living inside the cage of gold which is NOT a cage if one is content with staying inside it. Some people stay longer with the status quo but others are happier striving. There is a kind of vague sadness after the exhilaration of having attained a highest achievement because one knows in ones bones that it is all downhill from here. It feels much better if one has a higher than highest "peak" to "climb."

[-] 1 points by grapes (5157) 5 years ago

When you truly understand the meaning of life, you will discover that a state of being is NOT the source of happiness but the pursuit of a better state of being can be. I perfectly enjoy the life that I have but it takes more than that for me to be truly happy. Life is a process towards our end. The journey itself provides us with its meanings.


[-] 1 points by grapes (5157) 5 years ago

We ourselves draw the boundaries around the "good" things in life. As long as I have enough means to achieve everything within the boundaries that I have drawn, I call myself a success and I feel accomplished. Note that how the boundary has been drawn can affect my feeling so my controlling it well can be my ticket to accomplishments.

Try writing down everything that you want accomplished. Prioritize them and try to accomplish the best that you can. I discovered that after serious efforts, a number of things near the bottom of the list never got done but by that time they became so insignificant that I just threw them out and felt happy and accomplished.

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 5 years ago

OK, I'm done.

Back to reality.

Teabagge(R)s raised my taxes and they are ruing my State, and my favorite forum has been infected with anti-union dipshits.


[-] 0 points by shoozTroll (17632) 5 years ago

Used to be?

Perhaps it's your decidedly dipshit anti-union stance?

Or the fact that you haven't actually solved a problem yet.


[-] 0 points by shoozTroll (17632) 5 years ago

Nope. You're still here.

Still passing......um........brain gas off as thought.

Would you like to give us your negative thoughts on unions again?

[-] -2 points by aville (-678) 5 years ago

would you please indentify the moderators?

[-] 0 points by shoozTroll (17632) 5 years ago

Nah......It's WallStreet that's doing that.

[-] 2 points by grapes (5157) 5 years ago

The concept of jobs should be sent to the town dump. Instead we should use the concept of livelihoods. Jobs imply a two-party transaction that programs us right from the start into the mindset of being appreciative towards the "job creators." In fact, we are the givers of more wealth-creating opportunities to them by turning ourselves in some sense into slaves to the "jobs" that they had created for us. The glory of the "Machine" is not our glory if we do not share in its fruits to a significant degree. The "Machine" did not come into existence in all its glory and power in one day. It was built up piecemeal over time so it can also be torn down piecemeal over time as we gradually transfer our livelihoods to a new system. Seeking a Shangri-La may seem isolationist but it was actually very American because some of our ancestors came to these shores to pursue this very idea.

[-] 0 points by Kavatz (464) from Edmonton, AB 5 years ago

You can't join the 1%. It's not possible unless you are a one in a billion, right place right time person, or you are born/married/adopted in.

The closest you could come to joining them is by tossing their salad.