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Forum Post: Benjamin Fulford -- Global Update

Posted 2 years ago on Jan. 2, 2012, 2:27 p.m. EST by NewStart2012 (112)
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Update 01-02-12

The Year of the Fire Dragon has started, expect big changes

The old world order criminals in Washington D.C. and the G5 terrorist states think they are winning the ongoing financial war for the future of this planet but they are very mistaken. The year 2012 is, in the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of the Dragon and not just any dragon but the year of the fire dragon. The Chinese New Year starts on January 23 this year, and you can be sure planned big changes have been prepared for this auspicious time. In a sign of change in Japan, for example, there have been major unreported gun battles at night in Tokyo resulting in a victory by dragon family groups over North Korean agents working under old order stooge Yasuhiro Nakasone. In one battle 31 North Koreans and 11 dragon warriors died, according to a CIA source. Former Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka was also detained for questioning last week where he sang like a canary ratting out Yasuhiro Nakasone, Junichiro Koizumi and others, according to Japanese security police sources.

Nakasone’s power base has now been severely eroded. The new agenda for East Asia for 2012 is now Japanese independence, Korean Unification and friendship with respect with China. In relation to this, a White Dragon Society representative will be going to China in early February to discuss the new financial system.

In the US, meanwhile, the situation appears to be very grim, with Obama signing into law the right to arrest and detain US citizens on US soil without trial. The Pentagon has refused to step in and restore constitutional rule. The corporate media, for its part, continues to spout dumbed-down lies and garbage.

The Chicago mafia and its P2 fascist lodge and Khazarian Satanist overseers still think they will be able to start World War 3. For example, senior P2 Lodge member and Cavalier of the Teutonic Knights Vincenzo Mazzara sent the following e-mail:

“The time of the global war is very near. The missiles sistem is on red allarm. The destruction of all the planet is near. Stopping this trial (the Neil Keenan trial about the theft of $1 trillion by the P2) or all the people in the earth(ours family too)will be [sic] sterminated .

I want see y in suisse for a table peace with an global agreement for the new world. No story so there arent future for the world. I dont want repeat this concepet or the death arriving before of the time that y belive. Black Sun Son.”

This writer met Mazzara in Milan a couple of years ago and was shown his “God,” a black circle of stained glass in the Milan Cathedral. He also showed me a cross with a snake wrapped around it on prominent display in the church. This writer nearly died of sudden lung failure after meeting Mazzara and was told by the CIA who were observing me there that I was not supposed to have left Italy alive.

Mazzaro was also detained last year outside the house of a White Dragon representative in Geneva, and was found to be carrying a gun and a sophisticated lock-picking device.

These Satan worshippers are not planning to go quietly into the night so it is understandable why there would be lots of pessimism among US based people.

However, although the changes promised by this writer have taken longer to happen than hoped for, there really are many signs the Khazarian Satanic rule is ending. In the US, the Pentagon, for example, is not acting now because the time is not ripe, according to Pentagon sources. The agency is thinking outside of the box and instead of restoring rule based on an ancient and badly written constitution, they are considering a more fundamental reset of how the US is governed.

In Europe as well, the move to turn Europe into a Soviet Union type of totalitarianism is falling apart. There also, there is serious debate behind the scenes on how to improve European systems of government and finance.

The general consensus, though is that in the G5 countries, the older structures will have to collapse further before big, historical, changes can be made.

In a good sign, the gnostic group, the people behind the Nazis, have made a peace offering to the White Dragon Society. They have agreed to support an intensive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. They also believe in releasing the suppressed technology to usher in a new age.

They also offered what they suggested was a concrete way to bring down the old system. They say the top signator for the committee of 300 old world order ruling council is Queen Elizabeth. They have issued a warning to the British Royal Family that they must replace Elizabeth with her son Harry by April 1st of this year. Having Harry on the thrown would mean having a signator for the financial system who would support the planned changes.

Finally, the main reason this writer feels confident that 2012 will, at last, be the year when this nightmare Khazarian secret totalitarian rule ends is that the people of the planet have woken up. Within the G5, warm summer weather will bring large demonstrations and at last revolution.



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[-] 1 points by BridgetTheMidget (13) 2 years ago

Anywhere i can get a little more info? Some of what you claim seems a bit off.


[-] 1 points by BridgetTheMidget (13) 2 years ago

He seems bit better then most democrat's. How is he not a democrat, I am a bit disenfranchised both both party's?

[-] 1 points by NewStart2012 (112) 2 years ago

He is neither. He is, in my view, a human being who loves all human beings and is trying, at this late hour to save humanity. There is no left/right paradigm with Benjamin.

[-] 1 points by NewEngIandPatriot (230) 2 years ago

Ben is a little off in his predictions....I can tell you he is on path, but some are "easter eggs" there was no nuclear attack in the US on underground bases...

There is some merit to some of it, the nuclear plants in Japan did have problems and released radiation, he states that is false, I personally know people in Japan this is true Ben is wrong on that

[-] 1 points by NewStart2012 (112) 2 years ago

How interesting! If there was no nuclear attack on the underground bases. What was it. There are more people than just Benjamin with inside intel that are saying that those bases are now cleared out and gone. I'm so curious! Can you share anything about this?

[-] 1 points by Renaye (522) 2 years ago

He is at the mercy, I guess of the people he gets his intel from. When you get someone like Ben trying expose the oligarchs, some of the elites would make sure he gets serious disinfo to try and discredit him to the masses.

I imagine that he is a major thorn in the elite's side, and they try to drive him off course as much as possible, if not, off a cliff if they could.

His heart and courage are in the right place though. Of that, I have no doubt.

[-] 1 points by NewEngIandPatriot (230) 2 years ago

I think he is encoding his messages., that is what the real illuminated ones like myself have to do, in metaphor or in another context.

If we tell it like it is something changes - the elites are planning an intentional takedown of the economy. That is why they bought up all the gold/precious metals over last 10 yrs, (sell us your gold, jewlery, we pay well)

Little did people know that if they hung onto it for coming collapse, it would be worth something. The money is soon to be only worth paper printed on. Nothing more...

I think that is an event to come, the US bases will be nuked, and China & Russia will carry it out - it is a future event, and he "acts" like out there.

I can tell you we are getting close to something...I can feel it.

[-] 1 points by Renaye (522) 2 years ago

Me too. Did you happen to see the New Year's eve CNN Green Goblin bit? It smacks of NWO Globalization warning. Typical Illuminati warning stuff. The original viewing showed the audience being quite freaked out and not amused. Among the goblins many messages were "drop the ball early", "destroy all families" and "goblinization". A play on the word globalization. Here it is. Kind of creepy.


[-] 1 points by Renaye (522) 2 years ago

Benjamin Fulford is someone I've been following for quite a while. At first you think "who is this guy?", but then when you check out his credentials and you follow him regularly, and the things he says fall into place. He's a refreshing perspective from the inside people on the inside he has amassed.



[-] 0 points by ronjj (-241) 2 years ago

So says the economic Harold Camping.

[-] 2 points by NewStart2012 (112) 2 years ago

Ummmmmm...I don't think this applies.